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Quality involves in design and manufacturing. During the design stage, we need to use DFMEA (Design Failure Modes and Effect Analysis) and PFMEA( Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) to consider the possible failure modes in terms of D (detectability), S (severity) and O (occurrence). DFMEA focus mainly on the design while PFMEA focus on the process associated with the manufacturing process. RPN (Risk Priority Number) is the multiplication detectability, severity and occurrence, we can prioritize to base on RPN number, we will address first with the highest RPN number and then to the lower RPN number. If there is a safety issue involved, even the RPN number is lower, we need to address it first.

If the severity is high, we can change the design to reduce severity or have foolproof or redundancy design to reduce the chance of failure. If the detection is difficult, we need to modify the design to improve the detectability. If the occurrence is high, we need to redesign to reduce the occurrence.

The design also need to consider the process capability and the limitation in the design, the can reduce a lot of problems during the manufacturing stage.

In the manufacturing stage, it involves workers training, clear work instruction, fixture design and process control.

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