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Simulation provides a walk through for the whole process before implementation. Changes plan to make may not create the result as expected and to revise back the process can be time consuming and expensive and will impact the image of decision maker. This is especially important for large projects where the investment is high or the impact is great. Simulation provide a platform to verify the design before implementation, if any problem found, it can easily modify or change the design. Once the design is proved to be valid, the implementation can take place, this will greatly reduce the change-over time and the impact to the organization.

Business Process Improvement

Business Improvement is often cross-departmental and cross-functional. There are often opportunities to try new ideas and implement new practices and often involve certain amount of risks and difficulties to optimise across different departments. With simulation models, you can test your radical ideas and understand impacts before implementation.

Our innovative models enable your organisation to achieve the optimal solution across the departments. Typical applications include:

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is critical for any industries; manufacturing, health care, hotels, customer call centres, airport terminals, logistics ports, etc. Insufficient capacity planning can lead to deteriorating service performance, unnecessarily high work-in-process and extra cost in excess capacity.

Typically, capacity planning managers may face these potential problems:

Capacity planning is a truly multi-dimension problem. It is not a simple problem that can be solved with a single equation. We have the expertise in translating multi- dimensional problems into easy to understand simulation models. Different options can be analysed to satisfy your organisation strategies and cost objectives. This is the most cost effective way to "pilot" the plan.

Resources Management

Planning for the optimum level of resources, at the right time and with the right skills, to cope with demand variations is not a straightforward task.

Strategic Resources Planning (Medium to long term planning)

Operational Resources Planning (Short term planning)

We offer a complete solution from analysing past data from your organisation to design bespoke prediction models to estimate future requirements on staffing level, skills requirements, workforce schedule for shift type work, and cost, etc. The tool is flexible to study fast-changing scenarios and you master the requirements in no time.

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